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The day doesn’t start until you’ve had a cup of coffee. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on top of a mountain, everything waits for that first cup. We wanted to source a coffee that made our days brighter, and let us tell not just the story behind the beans, but ours too. That search led us to Granville Island, to form a partnership with Origins Organic Coffee, one that opened our eyes to the world of endless possibility that farmer direct coffee brings.

We’re not going to tell you we’re experts, either. Coffee is still changing every minute as our planet gets more connected and conscious, and there’s always someone out there with knowledge beyond our own. But… we know what we like.

We know what’s good, maybe better than anything you’ve tried up to this point, or maybe something of ours that fits right in with what you’ve been drinking for years. The bottom line is: we want to serve you, whenever we can, a great cup of coffee. Something ethically sourced, artisanally roasted, and made right. If you’re ready to move beyond “dark roast” or “double-double”, we’re excited to tell you what gets us out of bed in the morning and shakes our cobwebs off.

That’s Dirtbag coffee.